The painter Boris Zaborov


Father of Kirill Zaborov

Boris Zaborov was born in Minsk (Belarus) in 1935. He devoted himself at a very young age to painting. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leningrad (Repin Institute) and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow (Sourikov Institute of Art), two of the most prestigious art institutions in the Soviet Union. 


He then devoted himself to the illustration of literary books and book art, becoming over the years one of the most recognized artists of his country in this field. As he wanted to devote himself fully and freely to painting, he decided to emigrate with his family to France. 


He arrived in Paris in 1981, and, some time later, his works entered the Galerie Claude Bernard, which housed the most important collection of modern figurative artists at that time. He soon received international recognition, and major world museums have dedicated exhibitions to his work. At the same time, he has pursued his interested in sculpture, costume art and decorative art and conducted theatre projects. 



Poetic fragments composed by Kirill Zaborov and recorded by the Aron Quartett for the Paris-Vienna-Moscow album in 2010 (Preiser Records). 

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